Stuffing Container

To avoid problems such as cargo overflow or wastage of space, the shipper has to plan stuffing before loading of cargo into the container.

Generally speaking, a 20′ container can hold as much as 28-30 cbm, while a 40′ can hold about 56-60 cbm. The actual loading internal capacity of a container depends not only on the dimensions of the carton boxes but also on many other factors such as the packaging material and the competence and experience of the stuffing personnel.

Besides the cargo measurement, the stuffing plan should also take the weight into consideration. It is important to note that in many countries the permissible weight limits for road and rail transportation are lower than the maximum payload a container can afford.

Using of pallets is widely applied in some countries to increase cargo handling efficiency. It is important to consider that there are two major types of pallets, EUROPALLET (800 mm x 1200 mm) and STANDARD PALLET (1000 mm x 1200 mm). A 20′ container can hold eleven Europallets in one tier or nine to ten Standard pallets in one tier, while a 40′ container can hold 23-24 Europallets in one tier or 20-21 Standard pallets in one tier.



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