Reloading Operations

We have a warehouse and container terminal in Sofia, Voenna ramp dstr  located on 4,500 square meters, which  is opened 24 hours, every day for your convenience. The warehouse is equipped with  3 forklifts , the largest one can operate with loads up to 9000 kgs.

We are specialized in the following loading and unloading operations:

  • Containerization and decontainerization of big granite and marble tiles and slabs.
  • Security lashing of cars, trucks, boats and all types of road construction equipment in containers and vehicles including oversized loads.
  • Lift-on and lift-off operations of empty and full containers up to 10 tons.
  • Loading and unloading of palletized cargo and storage of goods.
  • Sorting, packing, palletizing and labeling.

We organize containerization and decontainerization of goods in the area of the ports of Varna East, Varna West, Bourgas and in our warehouse in Varna.

We offer warehousing  as well as storage of goods in customs bonded warehouse in Sofia, Bourgas and Varna.


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