Cars and yachts delivery from USA


All clients of Freeline Ltd. can profit from our regular service – transportation in containers of new/used cars, boats, ATV and motorcycles from USA and other destinations to Bulgaria.

We can also collect the cars/vehicles from any point in USA and deliver them to ours warehouses in West and East Coast, issuing of export documentation, security lashing and bracing of the cars/vehicles into containers at our agent’s warehouses in Los Angeles and New York.

The service is applicable for consolidation of 4 cars which can fit 1 x 40′ cntr. and also for one single car which can be consolidated with other cars in 1 x 40′ cntr. The freight for transportation of one single car/vehicle is proportional to the number of cars in cntr.



Delivery from USA in 10 steps:

ss1 1 step Taking the car from address/auction/dealer in USA
ss2 2 step Delivery to our warehouse in New York/Miami/LA
ss3 3 step Grouping stock, loading to containers
ss4 4 step Returning the container to the docks in USA
ss8 8 step Custom clearance in Varna
ss7 7 step Arriving at Varna docks
ss6 6 step Sea transport from USA to Bulgaria
ss6 5 step Custom clearance in USA
ss6 9 step Taking the container from dock and umloading it in our Varna warehouse
ss6 10 step Shipping to point and customs clearance